Study of the proposed draft labor law and its legislative impact


Labor law occupies great importance above other laws, It affects not only the worker but also the economic life. The new draft labor law comes with a new philosophy of balancing the two sides of the labor and production relationship and preserving workers’ rights. Several legal texts have also been introduced to ensure the protection of the worker and to provide a safe work environment that encourages investment and motivates young people to work in the private sector.

From this point of view, Irada has prepared a study entitled “The proposed draft labor law to monitor the legislative and economic impact,” With the aim of studying and analyzing the dimensions of the draft law, not only at the legislative level, but also at the economic level. The attached study consists of four main sections:

  1. The first section presents the features and objectives of the new draft law. And monitor his legal weaknesses, while clarifying the legal opinion of Irada.
  2. The second section presents the best international experiences in this field .
  3. The third section deals with the consistency of the new draft labor law with the standards and objectives of the International Labor Organization and the sustainable development goals .
  4. Finally, the fourth section, which is an infographic presentation of the most important local indicators of the Egyptian labor market, In addition to comparing the situation of Egypt among some selected countries in some international indicators.


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