Dr. Heba Shahein

Executive Director

Dr. Shahein has more than 25 years of experience as a lawyer, academic, strategic planning and leadership and practicing law specialising in competition law, commercial law, trade law, and European Union law. She holds a PhD in Law from London School of Economics (LSE), a postgraduate diploma from KCL and a LLM from Amsterdam University.

Shahein is an associate Professor at New Giza University; She joined King’s College London (KCL) as a visiting lecturer since 2012. She was a Visiting Professor at São Paulo Law School of Fundação Getulio Vargas in Brazil; an Adjunct Professor at AUC and a visiting lecturer at University of Alexandria, Egypt.

In addition to her academic job, Shahein is the Executive Director at the Egyptian Regulatory Reform and Development Activity ERRADA, Prime Minister Cabinet since 2020. Previously, she led projects and provided consultancy for the EU Commission World Bank, government and regulatory bodies in: Brazil, Colombia, Egypt, Kuwait, Oman, Thailand and the UK. Shahein established her “Dr. Heba Shahein law firm” in 2015. She had served as a Vice Chair at the Egyptian Competition Authority. Shahein has worked as a legal consultant in Shalakany Law firm in Cairo, Egypt, an in-house lawyer in the Egyptian Kuwait Holding Company, Egypt; and a legal advisor in Shell International Petroleum Company, the Netherlands.